Swyx Server: Retrieving a list of phonebook entries using VB.NET

Swyx Server Phonebook Entries

You can use VB.NET to obtain a list of phonebook entries from Swyx Server. You’ll need these Imports:

Imports SWConfigDataClientLib
Imports SWConfigDataClientLib.Proxies.IppbxServer

And this is how you do it:

Using lm As New LibManager
With lm
.BaseProtocol = SProxyObject.BaseProtocol.TCP
.AuthenticationMode = SProxyObject.AuthenticationMode.Trusted
.WSBaseUrl = serverName
End With
Dim ePb = lm.GetUserPhoneBookEnum
Dim phoneBook = ePb.GetPBXPhoneBook("%", True, True)

For Each r As Proxies.UserPhoneBook.PBXPhoneBookEntry In phoneBook
Trace.WriteLine(r.Name + " " + r.Number + " ")

End Using

For more information about Swyx telephony, check out the following link: